About T.I.A.N.A

Talk2Tiana is an individual life coaching and consultancy service which can be done through counselling and motivational sessions. T.I.A.N.A is the abbreviation of This Is A New Approach, which was inspired through the idea of motivating people and being inspiring through a different approach.

T.I.A.N.A is based through an online forum, however can be done on a face to face basis depending on the situation. T.I.A.N.A focuses on making sure that everyone that comes to this blog leaves with a positive feeling and finds a way to help themselves for any future occurrences. Empathy is the key point for helping people and making sure there is an understanding between myself and you.

T.I.A.N.A is here for you and to talk to you, which created the name Talk2Tiana. Having a passion and believing my purpose on earth is to help you is what pushed me to start this service. Nothing more gives me much pleasure than to establish the other abbreviations of T.I.A.N.A:

Talking In A New Agape
Today Initiates A New Approach
Today Initiates A New Attitude
Talking Increases Achievements N Accomplishments
The Initial Answer Needs Agape
To Inspire And Naturally Achieve
To Inspire A New Ambition

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