The Dengel Part One

Do you have a dengel in your life? What is a dengel? It’s a devil and angel combined into one! A dengel is somebody who is in your life now or was in your life previously and they are not good for you, however on good days they are the near perfect person. You hate what they do to you, but when it’s the good times you couldn’t care less about the bad.

It was a Friday night and Mikayla had decided to go out into central London with her girls. Mikayla enjoyed having a good time out and having fun with her girls, after all she was young, so why not. Mikayla met up with her friends and they went to a club called Metra down in Leicester Square. Mikayla was slim, tall and had a great sex appeal, so guys found her beautiful and irresistible. As the night went on guys were buying Mikayla and her friends drinks, so by half way through the night she was a little tipsy.

A group of guys came in; they were all dressed very sleek and sophisticated. Each and every one of them was attractive, not one bad fruit amongst the group. There was a particular one that stood out to Mikayla. He was about 6’2 with a muscular build, smooth dark skin with a sharp shape up. He looked like the leader of the group he sat back and chilled whilst the rest would go to the bar to buy drinks and get the girls to dance with them. Mikayla could not take her eyes off him she really wanted him to notice her. As more guys started to buy her drinks her mind went off this guy.

It came to the end of the night and Mikayla and her friends were waiting for their cab and some guys approached them to offer them a lift, but they refused. The guy Mikayla had her eyes on throughout the night walked past and they caught a glimpse of each other’s eyes and there was a slight pause it was as if the whole world had stopped for that split second. Mikayla couldn’t believe it and out of excitement went running and screaming to her friends. One of her friends Michelle was also interested in the same guy and was upset that there was a chance that Mikayla had stolen the shine. The guy walked back and stopped to say hello to Mikayla and her friends, Michelle greeted back, and started a conversation with him. Meanwhile, the guy was watching Mikayla the whole time he was speaking to Michelle. When Michelle finished talking to the guy, he left to go speak to Mikayla. He went over to Mikayla and introduced himself, but because she was intoxicated they couldn’t really hold a conversation, so he asked for her number and they went their separate ways.

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