I Want To Kill Myself

I Want To Kill Myself

The Feeling Of Committing Suicide Is Absolutely Rubbish. The Suns Out But You Don’t Care, People Are Messaging You, You May Reply But Your Minds Not There. You Just Want To End Your Life, You Just Want To Leave This Earth, And You Don’t See The Point In Your Cause In Being Alive Anymore.

You Feel Like There’s No One To Turn To And That There Isn’t Anyone That Will Understand. You Try To Pray But You Receive No Reply, So Your Faith Starts To Diminish. The Thoughts Of Committing Suicide Runs Through Your Mind More Than Looking Forward To The Future And Then You Remember That You Have Responsibilities. If You Were To Kill Yourself That Would Be A Selfish And Foolish Act To Carry Out Leaving Behind Ones That Actually Care About And Love You.

When You Got Thoughts Running Through Your Mind And You Feel That You Are Closer To Insanity Than Before Then You Start Thinking What Does The Future Hold For You. When Questions Like; Is This Part Of Life’s Plan That God Has Made For Me? Then You’re Arguing With Yourself Like; No It Can’t Be I Believe The Almighty God I Serve Wouldn’t Put Me Through This On Purpose. Then You Start Blaming Yourself And Feeling Like It’s Your Stupidity That Has Put You Through All Your Problems And You Do Not Feel Like There Is Any Way Out.

There Is A Way Out, Because At The End Of The Tunnel There Is Always Light!

If You Have Ever Felt Like This Then Just Know You Are Not The Only One Who Thinks Like This.

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