Happy New Year

New Year, New Me!

Happy New Year Ladies & Gents! T.I.A.N.A Wishes You All Blessings For This Year! Hope You All Had A Great Time Entering The New Year. Entering The New Year Most Of The Time Is Fun & Exciting, Some Of Us See It As A Great Chance To Start Afresh Whilst Others Don’t Really Care. I Am Sure There Has Been At Least Once In Your Lifetime Where You Thought That; YES! This Year Is My Year I Am Going To Do This & That Etc. But By The End Of The Month Or Even The End Of The Week All Of Your Plans Get Thrown Out Of The Window Like It Never Existed.

My Question To You Is; Why Must We Wait Until The Year Begins Before We Make A Change To Ourselves? Just Because It Is A New Year That Should Not Be The Reason To Start A New You. If During The Year You KNOW That There Is Something You Must Do To Change Then Do It. Don’t Get Me Wrong I Do Think New Year Resolutions Are Great, But Really Is There Any Point Waiting 365 Days Before We Start Something Or Change Something About Ourselves.

Have A Blessful Year!


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