It Is The Little Things That Count

It’s The Little Things That Count

It’s Really Important To Take Into Consideration The Favours Or Sacrifices People Do For You. Start To Appreciate Someone Who Helped You Out When You Needed It. Show Gratitude To The Person To Let Them Be Aware That You Are Grateful. Saying Thank You Does Not Hurt Neither Does Returning The Favour If Only You Can.

You May Be Quick To Forget What Someone Has Done For You, But When You Are Reflecting Back Remember That Someone May Have Supported You To Get To Where You Are Now. You May Not See What The Person Did As Anything Major, However You Do Not Know Their Story & What They Had To Do To Help You. Also It Is The Little Things That Count.

If A Loved One Has Done Something For You Do Not Let An Argument You Had Ruin That Special Moment, Also Do Not See It As It Is Part Of Their Role To Look After Me. At The End Of The Day It Is Their Choice & The Fact They Have Taken Their Time To Do Something For You Should Be Appreciated.

Perhaps You Are On The Other Side & You Continue To Do Favours For People However You Do Not See The Privileges In What You Are Doing. Be Patient With The Person Even A Gentle Reminder, But Do Not Flaunt It In Their Face. Continue To Be Yourself & Help Others You Never Know That Could Be Your Gift So See It As A Blessing.

Have A Good Thoughtful Thursday & Remember It’s The Little Things That Count.


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