Stop Comparing

Stop Comparing

Why Are You With This New Person If You Can’t Stop Comparing Them With The Previous One? Everyone Has Flaws Because No One Is Perfect. Yes, There May Be An Aspect Of The Person You Are With Now That You Don’t Like Because The Person You Were With Before Did Not Do That Or They Had Something.

See It From This Point If You Had Not Met The Previous Person You Would Learn To Live With The Current Persons Flaws. It’s The Truth! Shocking, But True. The Reason For This Is Because Firstly There Would Be No One To Compare Them To. Also You Would Feel The Need To Encourage The Person With Their Flaws Because Of How Much You Love Them & Want To Be With Them. Don’t Get It Wrong Just Because The Previous Person May Have Been Better It Does Not Mean You Don’t Love The Current Person, But You Seriously Need To Stop Comparing.

So What If The One Before Had A Better Body, Job Or Car. Something Has Obviously Attracted You To The Person Your With Now. Learn To Be Grateful With Who You Are Currently With & Learn To Not Easily Get Annoyed With Their Flaws, But With Tender, Love & Care Mould Them Into The Person You Want Them To Be. Also One Point With This Is That If They Are Not Willing To Change To Make You Happy I Suggest You Take A Step Back & Think Twice. If Most Arguments Are Due To You Comparing Then Maybe You Aren’t Over The Previous Person, It May Hurt To Hear It Especially When You Think You Are, But Psychologically You Aren’t.

Make Sure To Stop Comparing! Learn To Love & Appreciate The Person You’re With Now You Never Know What They May Become With Time.

If This Is How You Are Thinking Stop It & Have A Good Tuesday 🙂 ✌

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