Career OR Course

Career OR Course

CONGRATULATIONS! You Did It, Don’t Worry About Not Getting The Grades You Wanted At Least You Are Still Doing Something. The Academic Year Is Back Again… You Must Be Feeling Scared, Anxious and Excited. Maybe You Are Moving Into A New Institution, You Are Going To Meet New People & Be In A New Environment.

The Question Today Is; Career OR Course? These Days There Are Courses For Literally Everything. Does Your Course Say To Somebody This Is My Career?

Some People May Be Studying Something Their Family Wants Which Even Though The Job They Will Get Is Good They Are Unhappy. However, Some People May Be Studying A Course, Because They Believe It Is Good & Will Get Them A Job With Good Money.

Did You Do Your Research On How Many Students Who Did That Course Actually Go Into A Job When They Finish? Do Your Previous Subjects You Studied Support Your Current Course? Did You Wonder About What You Would Do As A Backup If Your Original Career Plan Does Not Work Out? Did You Wonder About What You Would Do In The Spare Time While You Are Waiting To Start Your Career? Is Your Choice Of Course A Career OR Just A Course?

Wonder About The Future Now No Matter What Stage Of Education You Are At It Is Very Important, Because Now Many Post-Students Are With A Course But Not A Career.

Have A Wonderful Wednesday & A Wonderful Academic Year… TIANA Wishes You All The Best With A Wonderful Career.

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