Shoulder To Cry On

Shoulder To Cry On

Have You Got That Friend That Keeps Repeating The Same Mistakes & Whatever You Tell Them It Is Like They Just Don’t Listen. Then You Start To Feel Like A Fortune Teller, Because The Same Reason You Were Telling Them To Stop Is Exactly What Happened & You Hate To Say ‘I Told You So’.

It Is Hard To Watch Your Friend Going Through The Same Thing Over & Over Again, But What You Need To Understand Is Everyone’s Learning Curve Is Different. What Do I Mean? Some People Just Never Learn Their Lesson Whilst Others Learn It After Their First Experience. We Have All Been There Before When We’ve Done Something We Regret & We Just Want That Shoulder To Cry On & That Friend Was There.

Don’t Stop Being That Shoulder To Cry On, Stick By Them. Do Things With Them To Take Their Mind Off What Is Going On. Even Though It Is Hard, But Stand By Them With Whatever Decision They Make & Let Them Know The True Meaning Of Friendship. Show Them You Have Their Back No Matter How Much What Their Doing Is Frustrating You.

It Is Always Nice To Have Someone You Can Turn To & Lean On Them To Have A Shoulder To Cry On.

It’s A Thursday So Be Thoughtful!

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