Let Go & Let God

Let Go & Let God

Brothers & Sisters In Christ, What Is Your Issue? Why Are You Still Holding On? You Don’t Like The Feeling Of What You Are Going Through But Yet You Refuse To Let Go. What Exactly Is The Problem?

The Reason Why You Are Still Getting Upset Is Because You Are Not Letting Go, You Want To Believe That You Are, But The Truth Is You’re Not. If You Were Seriously Letting Go You Wouldn’t Be Feeling The Way You Are Feeling Now.

To Let Go & Let God Has A Literal Meaning: Let Go & Let God Take Control Of The Situation. Give It All To Him. When God Is In Control Of A Situation You Have Nothing To Worry About. Your Trust And Faith Levels Are Low Right About Now You Mentally Think You Have Given It To God, But Spiritually You Haven’t. This Is The Reason Why You Are Still Feeling Bothered.

Trust In God FULLY! Have Faith In God FULLY! All Your Worries, All Your Pain, All Your Negative Thoughts Will Go Away. Until Then You Will Be Fighting Yourself Spiritually Without Realising And Always Asking Yourself The Question, ‘Why Can’t I Let Go!’ It’s Because You Haven’t Let God Take Control.

Psalm 30:5 – Weeping May Endure For A Night, But Joy Comes In The Morning.

You Are Weeping Because You Are Not Letting Go, But Once You Let God Take Control The Joy Will Come. The Feeling Of Release That You Will Have Is Beyond Your Imagination.

So Let Go & Let God BE IN CONTROL!

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