What Is A Relationship

What Is A Relationship?

There Are Many Types Of Relationships; There’s A Relationship Of Mother OR Father To Their Child, Brothers and Sisters, Other Family Members, Friendship & The Most Popular One Dating.

So What Is A Relationship? These Are Two Words Formed Into One That Makes The Word Relationship. “RELATION” & “SHIP”, Having A Relation Is That There Is Something That You & The Other Person Have Something That The Both Of You Can Relate To. A Mother & Father Have A Relationship To Their Child/Children, Because It Is Their Duty To Look After Their Children. Brothers & Sisters Are Automatically Related Through Sharing One OR Both Parents, This Includes The Other Family Members It Is Them Being RELATE-ives That Connects Them. Now In Dating, What Is The Relation? There Is None. When Dating There Needs To Be A Certain Level Of Things That The Both Of You Can Relate To Otherwise It Will Be Hard For The Both Of You. You Are Both Individuals Coming Together, There Is No Relation Such As Parent & Child OR Being Brothers & Sisters. To Be Able To Relate With One Another It Takes Hard Work, Time & Patience. You Both Also Need To Be Able To Relate With One Another What Each One Wants & Be Willing To Accept Their Wishes.

Now The Word Ship. When You Hear It You Probably Think Of An Actual Ship, A Ship Is Very Important Because It Plays A Big Part Of The Relation. When It Comes To A Mother, A Father, Brothers & Sisters Their Ship Is The Family. In A Family Their Relation Is What Keeps Them Strong To Keep Their Ship Going. This Is The Same In Dating, However The Relation Is Quite Different, Because You Are Both Coming Together To Start A Foundation Of A New Ship. When Starting To Date Someone Make Sure To Find A Relation Before Building A Ship Otherwise You Won’t End Up With A Relationship But A Relation-titanic. Which Will Bring You Nothing But Pain & Instead Of Being Able To Stay Above Water Like A Ship You Will Drown Like The Titanic.

So Now You Know What A Relationship Is You Know What To Do & Look For, Don’t Waste Your Time Drowning & Being Unhappy. Be On A Ship That Will Make You Satisfied.

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