I’m Not Over It

I’m Not Over It!

In Life We All Go Through Difficult Situations That At The Time It Happens We Ask Ourselves; How Am I Going To Get Over This? We Go Through Things That Affect Us Mentally, Physically And Spiritually It Messes Us Up So Much That We May Not Even See The Damage It Has Caused Until Somebody Brings It To Our Attention.

Time Goes By And We Feel As If Things Are Back To Normal. You Feel Happy And You Are Able To Do Your Normal Activities. Until One Day It Slaps You Right In The Face And Something Within You Triggers It Off Which You Don’t Quite Understand. You Believed That You Were Over The Situation So Why Has It Come Back Into Your Mind Now. Perhaps You Saw Something Or Someone And It Gave You A Flashback To That Difficult Place.

Whatever You Went Through It Is All Due To Time, You May Be Hurt Because You Want To Not Care About What Happened, But Something Within You Isn’t Letting Go And You Just Don’t Know What To Do. It’s All To Do With Time Whether It’s Days, Weeks, Months or Years. It Will Get To A Time When You Even Think About The Situation It Won’t Faze You Anymore; It Won’t Bring You Emotional Breakdowns. What It Will Do Is Allow You To Look Back At How Far You Have Come And How Strong You Are Now.

Have A Good Free Minded Friday 🙂 ✌

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