Dreams & Visions

Dreams & Visions

Dreams Are What You See And What You Want To Happen, But Visions Are Foreseeing What Is About To Happen. There’s The Old Saying ‘What You See Is What You Get’, Normally This Is Used When People Are Talking About Themselves But Let Us Use It In The Context Of Dreams And Visions. What You See Is The Dream And What You Get Is The Vision, Because You’ve Seen It And Now You Want It To Become Reality.

A Lot Of People Dream And Leave It There, But What People Should Really Be Doing Is Turning Their Dreams Into Visions. Why? If You Are Dreaming It Then You Can Live It. Anything That Comes To The Mind Is Possible And Can Happen In Reality. The Films We Watch And The Books We Read, Although At Times Are From The Imagination There Is The Chance That It Can/Has Happened.

The Chain Is: DREAM -> VISION -> REALITY What Happens Here Is That The Dream Becomes A Vision Which Then Becomes A Reality. As Biggie Said ‘It Was All A Dream’, Because It Is True Most People Now All Turned Their Dream Into A Vision Which Became A Reality.

Stop Day Dreaming Or Just Dreaming About What You Want And Get Up And Make That Dream Into A Vision Let It Happen And Make It A Reality. Who Knows What Could Happen From That Dream.

Have A Good Motivational Monday And Motivate Yourself To Turn Your Dreams Into A Vision And Make It A Reality.

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