Wants and Needs

Wants and Needs

Do You Know The Difference Between Wants And Needs? Well If You Don’t Here’s An Explanation. Your Wants Are Things You Would Like To Have But Are Not Mandatory, However Your Needs Are Mandatory And It’s A Must You Have Them Even If You Don’t See The Importance In It.

Most Of Us Tend To Feed The Tendencies Of Our Wants Instead Of Our Needs. Here Are Some Examples: There Is A Guy That Goes Out With His Friends And Because He Sees Some Girls He WANTS To Impress Even Though He Knows He Doesn’t Have Money, He Uses The Money He NEEDS To Pay Rent With To Buy The Girls Drinks Which Leaves Him In Arrears And Close To Eviction.
Second Example: There Is A Girl Who Has Two Guys Who Like Her One She WANTS And The Other She NEEDS, But She’ll Decide To Follow The Feelings Of Her Wants, Because Her Eyes And Mind Is Not Opened To The Characteristics Of The Other Guy She Needs.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Having The Things You Want, But Have You Sorted Out Your Needs List Beforehand. We All Want Nice Things, But The Main Question Is Do You Need It Or Can You Have It And Not Suffer The Consequences Of Not Being Able To Meet Your Needs.

Next Time You Want To Act To Your Wants Think About Whether You Have Acted Towards Your Needs. Have A Wonderful Wednesday And Remember To Think About Meeting Your Needs First Then See Meeting Your Wants As A Reward.

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