I Love Your Flaws

I Love Your Flaws

When It Comes To Dating Someone To Marry Them, You Need To Realise The Most Important Thing Is Accepting Their Faults & Not Loving Them Because They Look Good And Can Do Good Things. Yes That Should Be Included, But The Main Thing Is Handling Someone’s Flaws.

Perhaps You Are With Someone Who Is Known As A Player, Can You Handle The Stories That Will Come Your Way? Do You Have Enough Patience To Wait Until He Moulds Himself To Take Himself Away From That Lifestyle? Maybe You Are Even With Someone That Lies About Everything, Can You Confront The Person About Their Lies OR Will You Keep It Within You & Build It Up To The Extent You Can Use It Against Them And Leave Them? Are You Willing To Help Them With Their Habit Of Lying And Teach Them How To Tell The Truth So That The Next Time They Want To Lie They Have Thought About Your Efforts In Helping Them That They Don’t Want To Lie To You?

Being Romantic With Each Other Is All Sweet & Rosy. But If You Took That Away; Would You Still Be Able To Tell The Person ‘I Love Your Flaws?’, If You Can Then You Are In The Right Relationship & It Will Only Make It Healthier And Stronger Because The Two Of You Are Comprising And Willing To Help Each Other Out.

Don’t Look At The Good Only. Make Sure To Look At The Bad As Well Because That Will Determine Whether You Are Ready For The Relationship OR Not!

Have A Good Thoughtful Thursday & Be Thoughtful And Patient Towards Your Partner… Don’t Forget To Tell Your Spouse You Love Their Flaws.

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