I Love You But You Are My Worst Enemy

I Love You But You Are My Worst Enemy

Strange Title Eh. The Reason For This Title Is Because Some Of Us Get Into Relationships That Start Off Good But Become Sour. It Has Never Made Sense To Me That Someone Could Open Their Mouth To Say They Love You, But Still End Up Hurting You. As Far As I Am Concerned The Word Love Is A Positive Word, So Why Is A Person Using That Word In A Negative Way.

Many Of You Reading This May Have Experienced This In Different Ways Whether It Is Through Abuse, Cheating, Lies Etc; The List Goes On. I Am Sure It Has Left You Confused And Lost, Because You Get Told You Are Loved But Are Being Treated Like You Are Their Worst Enemy. You May Not Know What To Do, Because You Want To Leave But You Feel As If You Can’t. Why Do We Get This Feeling Not To Leave The Ones That Say Love Us But Are Actually Hurting Us? Most Of You Won’t Believe This But It Is Because Of Fear Of Hurting Them. I Can See Puzzled Faces Now… ‘Huh? Wait! That Don’t Make Sense’. It Is The Truth We Are Scared Of Hurting Them, Because We Know That If We Leave They Will Become A Mess And Be So Apologetic Towards Us That We’ll Go Back, So To Save All That Trouble We Just Stay And Forgive Them For Hurting Us Anyway. Whereas, There Are Some Cases Where Some People Are Scared Of Being Alone So Just Close Their Eyes And Pretend That The Situation Never Happened.

My Message To You Today Is: “YOU DESERVE BETTER!”

If You Know Someone Who Is Currently In This Situation Share This With Them. It’s A Sunday And Sharing Is Caring.

2 thoughts on “I Love You But You Are My Worst Enemy

    • Hi Rahael,

      I am more than happy to discuss with you any issues that you may have. Please go to the contact page to find a way you would like to get in touch.



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