Salvation or Sex

Salvation Or Sex

WOW! What A Title. Hmmm To Be Honest Putting These Two Words In A Sentence Makes It So Strong, The Title Is Self Explanatory. If You Had The Choice To Choose Between The Two Which One Would You Choose?

Those Who Are Religious Will Say Salvation, But The Question Is, `Is Your Life A True Reflection Of That Answer?’. It Is Hard At Times To Not Follow The Desires Of Your Flesh, But It Is Important To Ignore The Desires Of The Flesh Especially When Salvation Is Involved.

Think About This; Imagine That Rapture Happens Just As You Are Fulfilling Your Sexual Desires, I Am Sure That The Image Alone Scares You To Never Have Sex Before Marriage Again. It Is So Upsetting To Think That Some Of Us May Not Make It To Heaven Because Of Sexual Desires.

No One Is Perfect, But It Does Not Hurt To Try To Stop If You Make An Effort Before You Know It Naturally You Won’t Care About Fulfilling Your Sexual Desires Anymore.
When Praying Don’t Only Pray For A Spouse, A Good Job, Or Nice Things, But Also Remember To Pray About Asking For Help On Choosing Salvation Before Sex.

1 Corinthians 10:13; Explains To Us That God Won’t Give Us A Temptation That Is More Than We Can Handle And Also Philippians 4:13 Also Tells Us That We Can Do Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Us. These Two Scriptures Alone Show Us That It Is Possible To Reject Our Sexual Desires.

If You Are Someone That Will Choose Salvation Then Let It Also Be Shown Through Your Actions And Although It Will Be Hard If You Focus On God You Will Be Able To Have The Salvation. Also Remember The Importance Of Soul Ties And How Many Souls You May Be Crossing During Sex. People’s Bad Personalities Or Habits That You Are Picking Up And Don’t Forget How Serious STI’s Are In Today’s Life.

Have A Good Sabbath And Spend Your Sabbath Praying About This.

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