Sweet Love

Thinking about the life I am living. Imagine…. The time I spent and the time I have given. Made choices in the past based on my vision. Thinking where would I`ve ended up, if I didn`t listen. Sweet Love

See I don`t understand, where this path will go. And if God would give me a chance, I would tell `em to show. But it might be best to not know. Sweet Love

Because then when I realise who you are, I can act surprised. See through the transparent diamonds in your eyes. Knowing that you`re the amazing one I`ve been waiting for. The one that will walk beside me through those misty doors. Walking through sunny roads with a smile on your face. You know you got me, every smile of yours… no waste. That star that will make my life without…seem out of place.
Sweet Love

Thinking about how I`d admire the way your body heats up and lightens up, because the sun is right in you, when your heart beats up… Knowing you found me and I`ve found you, makes the time waited, feel worth it. Waited long I thought, but it`s a fraction of us together for a lifetime… YESSSSS it just sounds perfect. Sweet Love

When the rain pours, I`ll make sure you don`t get wet. And when you getting cold, I`ll tell you take my jacket instead.
Cause love isn`t selfish, when I take care of you and you take care of me. When it`s beyond just lust, but our eyes meet. When I sweet dream about you and you sweet dream about me. When we fulfil our goals together and our eyes meet. Sweet Love

See Ms. Unknown, time waits for no man. It feels like eternity I`ve been waiting for you, because I don`t know how you fit in my plans. Until I realise you were there all along. Like a subtle bass in my hummingbird song… The map of my life, you fit in just right. When I realise I got you in my life, I know God will guide me through all of your Sweet Love

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