He Who Finds A Wife

He Who Finds A Wife Finds A Good Thing

As We Get Older We Think About Marriage More And We Think About How Life Would Be With Our Future Spouse. Even Though We Think About That, Do We Think About How To Prepare Ourselves For Our Future Partner? There’s Nothing Wrong With Thinking About Who You Are Going To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With, But There Is Something Wrong If You Are Not Thinking Ahead On How To Prepare Yourself For Him/Her.

Let’s Look At The Key Words In The Title: “He”, “Finds” And “Wife”. Why Are These Words The Key Words? Firstly, It Starts Off With He, Not She But He. This Is Very Important Because It Shows Straight Away That It Is A Man Who Is Doing The Finding And Not A Woman. Secondly, Finds: The Dictionary Explanation Of Finding Is ‘To Discover Or Perceive By Chance’ In Other Words To Obtain Something. It Doesn’t State That He Came Across Her, But That He Finds Her. Do You Know What It Means To Find Something, Here Is An Example. Think About When You Are Looking For Your Keys The Way You Search High And Low Before You FIND It. Lastly, The word Wife! Please Take Note That The Man And Woman Are Not Married Yet. So Why Is The Word Wife Used? The Word Wife Is Used Is Because He Is Not Trying To Find A Girl Nor A Woman, But A Wife. This Word Makes It More Specific And Special For What He Is Meant To Find.

There Is Nothing Wrong With A Girl Approaching A Guy Or Finding Him Attractive, But The Logic Behind The Title Is That The Man Does The Searching. To Get Found You Need To Make Yourself Approachable And Searchable. You Need To Stop Thinking As A Girl And Think As A Wife. Guys Start Finding Your Wife And Stop Sitting Down Thinking She Is Going To Come To You.

Guys Start Thinking About How You Are Going To Start Finding Your Wife And Girls Think About How A Wife Should Be So That You Can Be Found.

Have A Good Thinking Tuesday And Make Sure To Think It Through Before Making Your Move, Because You Are Meant To Find A Good Thing By Finding A Wife.

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