What Is Love?

What Is Love

As It Is Valentines Day I Wanted To Ask  The Question; What Is Love? Today So Many People Will Use It As A Special Day To Express Their Feelings For Their Other Half, Spouse, Partner  Whatever Word You Use To Talk About The Person You Are Dating. However, Whilst People Are Celebrating This, Do They Really Know What They Are Celebrating? Are They Celebrating It Because They Were Forced? So Many Questions Go Through My Head But The Main One Is; ‘What Is Love?’

Someone Please Explain Love To Me? I Am Just Too Confused When It Comes To This Word. We Have Relationships And Friendships Where People Say They Love You, But Will End Up Hurting You. If Love Is Such A Positive Word Then Why Does It Have So Much Negativity Around It. We Meet People And Have Such A Great Connection With Them And Believe Their The One But Then In The End It’s Not All What We Planned It Out To Be.

However, You May Meet Someone Pay Them No Attention, Have No Interest In Them Whatsoever You May Even Dislike Them Just Whenever You See Them Even Though You Have No Problems With The Person. But That’s The Person You May End Up Spending The Rest Of Your Life With (I’m Sure Some Of Us Have Heard The Most Strangest Married Stories).

What I Want To Understand Is Why Love Comes With Pain Or When The Love We’ve Been Searching For Comes Our Way We Turn It Away… People Tend To Say They Know What They Want In Their Life Time Partners But Go For The Total Opposites Or Others Believe In So Much Of What They Want That They End Up Single For The Rest Of Their Lives Still Having Hope That The Person Of Their Dreams Will Just Turn Up On Their Door. Reality Is Love Is Not Perfect There Are Certain Factors Which Need To Be Taken Into Consideration Before Love Becomes Love. Love Comes With Trust, Respect, Patience, And Belief I Know Without These You Can’t Say You Love Someone. But My Message To You Today Is Put Your Trust In God And He’ll Give You The Life Partner You NEED, So Whether You Are 16 Or 35 And Looking For Love Sit Back And Love The Lord First And Everything Else Shall Come To You.

Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Sharing Sunday! Please Share This Message If You Know Someone Who Has The Same Question.

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