Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air

Happy Sabbath Y’all! Let’s Give Praise To The Heavenly Father For Allowing Us To See Another Day. So It’s The Week Of Love Are You Excited :D If You Don’t Have Anyone To Celebrate It With This Year Don’t Worry. I Declare Upon You That Next Year You Will Have Someone :) It Must Be Annoying Being Single Around This Time Of The Month, But It’s OK It’s Not A Crime To Be Single. Don’t Feel Like You Need To Rush Into Something Just Because It’s Valentine’s Day & You Want To Fit In. Remember That Love Comes From God (John 3:16) So Look Onto The Lord & He Will Give You The Lifetime Partner You NEED! Patience Is A Virtue So The Wait Will Be Worth It. So Whether You Are Waiting For Your Missing Rib Or Waiting For Your Adam Just Know That God Has It All Under Control.

For Those In Relationships Here Are Some Questions For You To Think About Can You See Yourself Celebrating Valentines With The Person You’re With Now In 10 Years Time? Is He A Knight In Shining Armour OR A Wasteman Wrapped In Foil? Is She Capturing Your Sight OR Fulfilling Your Vision? Are You Both An Adam & Eve? Last Of All, Is The Person You Are With Helping You With Your Salvation?

Remember Valentines Is About Showing Love So Make Sure You Show Love To Everyone Partners, Siblings, Parents & Friends!

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