Welcome To 2017!

Welcome To 2017!


I Don’t Usually Get Personal In My Blog Posts But To Start Off The Year I Feel Like I Owe You All An Explanation & Apology For My Disappearing Act. First Of All I Am Very Sorry That I Have Not Been Posting Anything 2016 Was A Difficult Year For Me. My Depression Hit Me Hard Due To Circumstances Around Me. My Fear & Doubt For Talk2Tiana Increased Therefore I Did Not Feel Motivational To Be Able To Write Anything. A Lot Was Going On Around Me & I Was Not Happy With My Progress In Life. I Just Felt Like There Were Some Things I Wanted To Do In Life, But I Just Did Not Understand What Was Holding Me Back.

I Would Go Out To Places & People Would Ask Me What Is Going On With Talk2Tiana & I Genuinely Would Not Know What To Say. What Hurt Me Most Is The People That Watch My Videos On My YouTube Channel Approaching Me Asking, “When Is The Next Video Coming Out?” & I Would Just Smile & Say Soon. 2016 Was Not An Easy Year For Me, But I Refuse To Let 2017 Be The Same Way. I Have Said To Myself That Life Goes On & That I Will Not Stand Still For Things To Get To Me. I May Still Have My Down Days, But I Will Move On So That I Do Not Let Down The People Who Need Me & Most Importantly I Do Not Let Myself Down.

2016 Felt Like All My Dreams & Aspirations Came Crashing Down. Deep Down I Know If I Give Up Now Years To Come I Will Look Back & Wished I Had Carried On. This Post Is Not For A Sympathy Vote, But Just To Say Thank You To Those Who Actually Pushed Me To Come Back. I Met People Who I Do Not Know & The Fact That They  Were Interested In What I Do Has Encouraged Me To Do This.

I Hope This Year You Are Able To Achieve All You Want & That You Fight Through Your Obstacles.

😀 ✌

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