Your Past Is Not Your Future

Your Past Is Not Your Future

So Who Doesn’t Have A Past? Point Me In The Direction Of Someone Who Does Not Have A Past Apart From Jesus Christ And A New Born Baby And I’ll Give You A Million Pounds. RIGHT! That Is Exactly What I Thought. Obviously There Are Some People’s Pasts Which Are Much Crazier Than Others But It Does Not Mean People Do Not Have A Past.

When You’re Young You Make Silly Mistakes That You May Have To Live With For The Rest Of Your Life, But Don’t Worry About It. If You Can Own Up To Your Mistakes Then No One Has The Right To Tell You Anything. I Understand That It May Be Difficult To Open Up And Say You’ve Done This And That, But To Be Honest With You It Is Not Necessary To Be Open About It Unless You Need To Be E.g. DBS Check Or Entering A Relationship Which You Believe Will Be Long Term. It May Be Something That You Are So Embarrassed About Or Feel So Guilty That You Do Not Know How To Tell Someone, Write It Down On A Piece Of Paper As If You Are Writing A Letter And Give It To Them. If The Person Has A Good Heart And Is Willing To Help You Put Your Past Behind You They Will Understand, If Not Forget Them Their Not Worth Your Time And Life Goes On.

Be Motivated To Move On And Leave Your Past In The Past. It Uses The Word PAST For A Reason! Perhaps Even Help Someone You Know Who Is Going Through The Same Thing To Not Repeat The Same Mistakes You Did.

Remember It’s A Monday So Stay Motivated :D

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