The Silent Battle

The Silent Battle

There Is This Saying That, ‘Be Careful How You Treat Others Because You Never Know What Someone Is Going Through’. This Is So True! You See & Talk To People But You Truly Will Never Know What Someone Is Going Through Unless They Say Or Show Something To You. At Times We See People Making The Most Jokes & We Have Those Who Laugh The Loudest At Jokes & We Genuinely Think That Person Is Perfectly Fine. Who Really Knows If This Person Is Happy Or Whether They Are Doing These Things To Cover Their True Pain.

Have You Ever Thought About Asking Someone If They Are Ok & Even Though They Say Yes, Double Question It. Usually People Who Really Aren’t Ok Break Down At The Second Time Of Asking The Question. People Either Show Their Emotions By Crying It All Out Or By Just Blurting Out Everything That’s Wrong.

We Hear Stories All The Time Of People Committing Suicide & We Become Confused Thinking; What Made Them Do It? Even When We See People Engaging With Us We Never Know Their Silent Battle. We Never Know What Is Happening Within Their Four Walls.

I Believe That Time To Time We Should Question People On How They Are Feeling. Some May Not Want To Say So Don’t Force Them, But At Least Let Them Know That You Are Willing To Be A Lending Ear For Them. If You Are A Person That Is Struggling With A Silent Battle I Hope That It All Gets Sorted Out. Just Try To Have A Little Faith That Everything Will Be Alright Soon & Try Not To Give Up.

Have A Good Sharing Sunday & Share This With Others To Let Them Know They Are Not Fighting A Silent Battle Alone.

P.S. Check Out My Silent Battle Story


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