I Am Grateful Now & Forevermore

I Am Grateful Now & Forevermore

Happy Sabbath 😊

Earlier On This Week So Many Things Were Running Through My Head, It Was Just Never Ending And All Of It Was Negative. Then All Of A Sudden God Put A Stop To It And Showed Me Everything He Has Pulled Me Through. I Am Not Lying When I Tell You My Past Experiences Started Playing Like A Movie In My Head Scene After Scene. I Literally Became In Shock I Could Not Believe It.

I Could Not Believe That I Was The Same Girl That Got Pregnant At 14 And Had A Baby At 15, And God Still Looked After Me. I Was Able To Sit My GCSE’s And Go To College.

I Could Not Believe I Was The Same Girl Who Looked For Love In The Wrong Places And That When Real Love Came I Would Run The Opposite Direction. However, All That  Time God Loved Me.

I Could Not Believe I Was The Same Girl Who Went Through A Domestic Violence Relationship For Nearly Two Years, God Is The One That Delivered Me.

The List Is Endless… As All These Scenes Were Being Played In My Head I Became So Grateful And I Said “God, Thank You!” At Times It Is So Easy To Forget All That God Has Done When Things Start Going Wrong. I Have Been So Humbled By This Experience That I Am Now Saying What I Am Going Through Now Is Nothing Compared To What I Went Through. I Am So Grateful God Showed This To Me It Had To Happen For Me To Remember All His Good Work And What He Will Continue To Do In My Life.

No Matter What You Are Going Through Remember Where You Are Coming From.

Have A Blessed Sabbath And I Pray You Remain Humble To Remember All That God Has Done.

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