I Am Grateful Now & Forevermore

I Am Grateful Now & Forevermore

Happy Sabbath ūüėä

Earlier On This Week So Many Things Were Running Through My Head, It Was Just Never Ending And All Of It Was Negative. Then All Of A Sudden God Put A Stop To It And Showed Me Everything He Has Pulled Me Through. I Am Not Lying When I Tell You My Past Experiences Started Playing Like A Movie In My Head Scene After Scene. I Literally Became In Shock I Could Not Believe It.

I Could Not Believe That I Was The Same Girl That Got Pregnant At 14 And Had A Baby At 15,¬†And God Still Looked After Me. I Was Able To Sit My GCSE’s And Go To College.

I Could Not Believe I Was The Same Girl Who Looked For Love In The Wrong Places And That When Real Love Came I Would Run The Opposite Direction. However, All That  Time God Loved Me.

I Could Not Believe I Was The Same Girl Who Went Through A Domestic Violence Relationship For Nearly Two Years, God Is The One That Delivered Me.

The List Is Endless… As All These Scenes Were Being Played In My Head I Became So Grateful And I Said “God, Thank You!” At Times It Is So Easy To Forget All That God Has Done When Things Start Going Wrong. I Have Been So Humbled By This Experience That I Am Now Saying What I Am Going Through Now Is Nothing Compared To What I Went Through. I Am So Grateful God Showed This To Me It Had To Happen For Me To Remember All His Good Work And What He Will Continue To¬†Do¬†In My Life.

No Matter What You Are Going Through Remember Where You Are Coming From.

Have A Blessed Sabbath And I Pray You Remain Humble To Remember All That God Has Done.


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