It Is OK Not To Be OK

It’s OK Not To Be OK

At Times We Feel The Need To Put This Facade On & Pretend To The World That We Are Fine. Well I Am Here To Tell You That You Don’t Need To Pretend, It’s OK Not To Be OK! It Is Normal To Have Bad Days & Feel Like You Need Time To Yourself, Giving Yourself Space From The World Is Needed Sometimes. We Live In A World Where So Much Is Happening So Quickly, Therefore You Do Need To Take A Breather To Recuperate.

Giving Yourself Time Away Is Very Good For Your Mental Health. It Gives You A Chance To Focus On Yourself & Reconnect With Your Inner Peace. Life Can Be Difficult But Take It Easy, Because At The End Of The Day You Are Only Stressing Yourself. Don’t Overdo It & Push Yourself Over The Limit.

Of Course Social Media Does Not Help Because Then You Will End Up Comparing Yourself To Other People. Life Is Not A Race & Everyone’s Destination Is Different, Also Don’t Believe Everything You See On Social Media. It Is Created To Give A False Vision Of How Amazing Things Are & Remember People Put What They Want You To See. No One Really Knows Their Story Behind The Camera Unless They Tell You. If Possible Stay Away From Your Device & Use That Time To Focus On Yourself & Get To Know Yourself A Little Bit Better.

The Key Thing To Remember Is That It Is OK Not To Be OK, However The Most Important Thing Is To Make Sure That You Pick Yourself Up & Face The World When You Are Ready.

I Hope You Have A Good Week & A Happy Motivational Monday.


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