Love Is Not For Me

Love Is Not For Me

Are You Someone That Wears Your Heart On Your Sleeve When It Comes To Love?

Are You Someone That Is Constantly Getting Hurt When You Show Love?

Are You Someone That Despite All The Heartbreaks You Are Still On The Quest For Love?

Maybe The Answer Is Yes To All Or Only Yes To One Of The Questions. Does It Mean That Now You Have Made The Conclusion That Love Is Not For You? It Is So Easy To Give Up On The Idea Of Love After Many Failed Attempts. However, The Key Thing To Look At Here Is Loving Yourself.

Loving Yourself Is Important Because It’s Through That You Will Know Your Value & Avoid Being Involved In Situations That Will Lead You To Getting Hurt. Why Are You In A Rush To Find Someone To Love, When You Are Not Even Sure If You Love Yourself. Don’t Be Quick To Make A Decision About Being With Someone.

Take Time To Get To Know Yourself, Build Up Your Self-Esteem & Love Yourself. There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Alone, Learn To Enjoy Your Own Company. Perhaps The Reason It Has Never Worked Out Is Because Of People Taking Advantage Of Your Vulnerability. It Could Even Be That The Person Has Unresolved Issues With Love Which Has Now Been Passed To You, Then It Becomes A Cycle Of You Hurting The Next Person You Meet That Genuinely Loves You.

One Thing I Want You To Remember Is Everyone Is Different & What Did Not Work With You May Work With Their Next Partner. Do Not Look Down At The Situation & Start To Blame Yourself. Focus On Preparing Yourself For The Next Person But This Can Only Work If You Are Fully Content With Yourself.

Be Patient & Be At Peace With Yourself If It’s Meant To Be, It Will Be. However, If You Don’t Find A Life Partner Be Content With Being Alone & Most Importantly Don’t Give Up On Loving Yourself.

Thinking That Love Is Not For You Is A Negative Thought & You Need To Stop Thinking Negatively. There Is Love For Everyone; Not All Love Has To Be Romantic. There Is Love From Family & Friends So Think About That Kind Of Love Too & Do Not Stop Showing Love To Them.

Have A Good Thinking Tuesday & Think Positively About Love.



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