You Are Only In Competition With Yourself

You Are Only In Competition With Yourself

In Today’s Society It Is So Easy To See Things On Social Media & Start To Feel A Bit Envious & Jealous Towards Someone Because It Looks Like They Are Living The Life We Want.

Rule Number One; Remember Not Everything That Glitters Is Gold. Which Means Don’t Look At Something From The Outside & Adore it Without Knowing The Ins & Outs. A Lot Of The Things We Idolise Is Not Exactly As It Seems. Everyone’s Story Is Different & You Never Know What One Went Through To Get To Where They Are.

Rule Number Two; Love Yourself. If You Don’t Love Yourself You Won’t Feel The Need To Make Yourself A Better Person. When You Love Someone You Want The Best For Them So Recognise That You Need To Do The Same For Yourself That You Would Do For Someone Else.

Rule Number Three; Write Your Goals. Having Your Goals Written Out Before You Gives You More Of A Chance For You To Attain Them. Staying Focused On Your Goals Will Allow You To Concentrate Only On Making Yourself Better. You Won’t Have Time To Watch Anyone Else & It Reduces You From Thinking Negatively Because You Are Busy.

There Is Only One Of You!! You Are Born To Be Great, So Look Within Yourself & Figure Out What You Need To Do To Get To Where You NEED To Be. Stop Thinking About What Other People Views & Opinions Will Be, Because At The End Of The Day The Vision You Have Isn’t A Vision They Can See.

You Are Only In Competition With Yourself So Work On Improving Yourself To Release All Your Great Qualities.

Have A Wonderful Wednesday & Remember You Are Only In Competition With Yourself.


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