You Are Special

You Are Special

Why Do You View Yourself So Negatively? Why Do You Think You’re Worthless? Don’t You Know You Were Brought Onto This Earth To Achieve Great Accomplishments. You Are Special! There Is Something Amazing About You That Only Can Be Released Once You See It Within Yourself. Free Your Mind From The Bad Things You Are Saying About Yourself. There Is Power In The Tongue & If You Keep Saying You Are This & That, Then Indeed You Shall Become What You Are Saying.

You Made A Few Mistakes Or Something Bad Has Impacted Your Life, Does That Mean You Should Turn Your Whole Life Around For The Worst? You Are Human You Are Bound To Make Mistakes. Dwelling On The Past Does Not Allow You To Move Forward.

You Have A Gift That You Need To Use, There Is Only One Of You & That Is What Makes You Special. It Does Not Matter If You Do Not Reach Thousands Of People If You Are Able To Reach One Then You Most Certainly Have Achieved Something.

You Need To View Yourself In A Positive Light & Aim To Use Your Gift To Help Others. It May Not Be Something Obvious But You Most Definitely Have Something That Someone Needs. You Are Special Do Not Let Anyone Put You Down With Their Actions & Words.

Have A Good Freeminded Friday & Remember You Are Special.


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