P.U.S.H – Pray Until Something Happens 

It Is Not Easy Having The Will To Pray When Things Around You Seem To Be Falling Apart. Even Having The Strength To Open Your Mouth Seems Like A Battle & There Is No Motivational At All. Funnily Enough When You Are Feeling Like This, That Is The Time To Be More Prayerful.

You May Be Feeling Alone But You Need To Have Faith During The Trials & Tribulations. You May Be Praying About Something & The Doors Just Seem To Be Closing More & More Each Time. You Probably Feel Like Giving Up But You Can Not! You Must Keep Praying Until Something Happens.

Praying Until Something Happens Shows You Have Faith That What You Need From God Will Come Through. It Builds You Up To Prepare You For What Is Coming, It Shows How Much You Really Need What You Are Praying For.

At Times It Doesn’t Need To Be Loud Prayers With Tears & Shouting. God Knows Your Heart & He Will Give You What You Need Only If It According To His Will. Perhaps What You Are Asking For Won’t Help You So God Needs To Protect You From It. What We Need To Understand As Humans Is That Everything Happens For A Reason. Even Though You Are Praying Perhaps Something Better Is Coming So You Need To Be Patient.

If You Don’t Get What You Want Keep Praying & Request To Be Ready For The Blessings That Are Coming. Joy Comes In The Morning So If You Are Still Weeping Then It Means You Have Not Reached The End Of Your Story.

Remember To Have Faith, Stay Strong & P.U.S.H Have A Blessed Sabbath Day


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