They Deserve Better

They Deserve Better

Have You Ever Felt That You Are Out Of Someone’s League Then You Start To Think And Wonder Why They Chose You And What Was So Special About You And What Stood Out To Them For Them To Approach You? You Know When You Hear That Their Lucky To Have You And You Think ‘Why, I’m Just A Normal Human Being That’s Just Like Everyone Else. What Is It That Actually Stands Out About Me?’

You Know When You Think In Your Head ‘You Can Get Someone Better Than Me, You Can Get Someone That Is Much More On Your Level’. It Makes You Start To Wonder What Do You Have That Makes Them Stay Faithful To The Extent Of Even Much More Attractive People Don’t Even Phase Them. No Matter How Much Problems Happen, No Matter How Much Arguments You Have You Always Know That, That Person Is The One.

Let’s Free Our Minds For A Second And Let’s Reverse These Thoughts. Wait A Second, What Is It About You That They Don’t Deserve You Why Should They Not Feel Lucky For Having You. Next Time You Have Thoughts Like This Free Your Mind From Them And Think About The Positive Side. 

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