To Follow Your Heart Or Not To Follow Your Heart

To Follow Your Heart Or Not To Follow Your Heart 

Sometimes Following Your Heart Isn’t Always The Answer. Why Not? Our Heart Is Filled With Emotions Which Can Block Us From Seeing & Thinking About The Importance In Making A Decision. We Tend To Follow Our Hearts Because Of How High Our Emotions Are Running & How “Right” It Feels. We Refuse To Follow Our Instincts Because We Are So Sure That Our Hearts Are Right.

When To Know If Your Heart Is Right? It’s A 50/50 Chance To Be Honest. You Can Never Know If Following The Decisions Of Your Heart Is The Right Choice Or Not. It’s A Risk & Whether You Take The Risk Or Not It Is Your Choice. Just Know To Be Open Minded Once You Make Your Decision, Be Prepared That Anything Can Happen.

Some People Follow Their Hearts & It’s The Best Decision They Have Ever Made. Whereas Some People Follow Their Hearts & It’s A Decision Full Of Regrets. Try To Also Allow Your Instincts To Guide Your Heart. Ignoring Your Instincts Is What Causes The Pain, Which Ends Up With You Saying, “If Only I Had Known”. But The Thing Is There Was A Possible Chance You Knew Because Your Gut Feelings Didn’t Feel Quite Right About The Decision.

In Future When Making A Choice Based On Following Your Heart, Try To Not Let Your Emotions Block You From Seeing The Answer Which Is Right In Front Of You.

Have A Wonderful Wednesday 😊




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