I Want A God Fearing Person

I Want A God Fearing Person

This Is A Very Common Phrase Within The Christian Community, But Are Some Of Us Aware Of, What We Are Actually Asking For?!

First Of All Let Us Define The Meaning Of ‘God Fearing’. Someone Who Fears God Takes Into Consideration The Commandments That Moses Gave To The Israelites From God, This Is Formally Known As ‘The Ten Commandments’. They Also Take The Commandment Of Jesus Which Is To Love One Another. They Take Everything To Do With The Faith Serious.

If You Do Not Find Yourself That Strict In The Religion You Will Not Be Able To Handle This “God Fearing” Person. It Is Nice To Have Someone To Pray With & Study The Word Too. However, It May Come To Certain Bits Which Can Push You Away From The Person. An Example Being You Want To Go To An Event But Because Of That Person’s Belief They Do Not Want To Do That As They Feel Uncomfortable With The Idea. Also, As Human Beings We Are Emotional So We Like To Show Affection It May Not Specifically Be Sexual, But Maybe Through Kissing & Cuddling. A Person Under This “God Fearing” Category Does Not Believe In Doing This Before Marriage As They Do Not Want To Get Sexual Urges.

Please Do Not Get It Wrong! If You Like Doing These Things It Does Not Mean You Do Not Love God. This Journey Is An Experience We Are Learning, The Deeper We Get The Less We Do & Know What We Can Do Which Will Show Glory Unto The Lord.

But Let Us Just Know What We Are Wishing For, As It Is Not All Of Us Which Will Be Able To Handle Such A Person. So Next Time Someone Asks You, ‘What Are You Looking For In A Person?’, Perhaps You Can Say A Person Who I Can Get Closer To God With. Generally In Life If Someone Is A Further Step In Life Than You Are It Can Cause Tension In The Relationship Which Is Not Good For Neither Of You. Find A Balance So That You Both Can Work Towards Building A Relationship With God.

Have A Good Thoughtful Thursday.


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