The One

The One

Some People Have This Idea In Their Head That There Is Someone Who Is ‘The One’ For Them. Why Is That Though? To Be Honest I Really Don’t Know. I Personally Think It’s Things We See Around Us And The Stories We Here That Makes Us Think That Someone Is Going To Come And They’ll Automatically Become ‘The One’.

What We Don’t Realise Is When Someone Is Giving A Romantic Story They Leave Out All The Bad Things And Tell Us Everything Good Which Leaves Us Thinking That We Can Have The Same Thing Too. It’s Taken Me A Long Time To Realise There’s No Such Thing As The One. We Meet People With Such A Huge Connection And Want Them To Be The One So Much That We End Up Investing Time, Money And Emotions. Then When We Get Hurt We Wonder What Went Wrong And Start Thinking That, Is There Anyone That Can Be ‘The One’ For You?

The Next Time You Meet Someone Stop Worrying If Their The One Yes I Know You Don’t Want To Invest So Much Like You’ve Done Before. Therefore Don’t! Get To Know Them See What They Are About And Just See What Happens From There.

Have A Good Freeminded Friday, Free Your Mind, Go With The Flow & Take It Slow.


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